Difference between FUT and FUE hair transplantations

Hair transplantations involve removing hairs from the back of the head and planting them in balding area of the head. The back of the head is often less vulnerable to balding that is why the hairs are often taken from that area.  If a person does not have hair at the back of the head, then hair from other parts of the body are taken for transplantation. FUT and FUE are two main methods, which are used in hair transplantation.

In FUT method, a strip of skin containing many hair follicles is removed from the back of the head and then all individual hair grafts are separated.  FUE method involves taking individual hair follicles and planting them on balding part. This process is time consuming. It often takes few hours but is painless .Of course before the start hair removing process; the numbing injection is given to the person.

The removing of hair follicles is the only difference between two methods. The rest of the process is same. In both the procedures, the tiny sites are created in the balding area by using fine needles and blades.  Before the creation of the sites, local anesthesia and numb injection are given. After creating the sites, the hair grafts are inserted into them.  FUT can be good for those, who have large area to be covered. FUE can be the best option for those who have small balding area. It is also for someone who wants short hair style. Women with smaller area of baldness also get the FUE procedure for hair transplantation.


In FUT method, large balding area can be covered in few sittings. The results after the transplantation are superior.  FUE method gives less cuts and stitches marks, as the hair is removed individually and entire strip is not taken out. The recovery time is less and person can go to work next day.

In both methods surgery is done to perform the hair transplantation work. The surgeon should be consulted to decide the best method for hair type and hair transplantation.  The person should come mentally prepared to undergo the surgery. The skill of the Best hair transplant doctor in India surgeon is very important in obtaining the best results.  The surgeon should be present during the entire duration of the surgery. Sometimes, surgeons do not perform the surgery. They allow technicians to do most of the surgery. The best surgeon will never allow this. Person should see that only a certified surgeon performs the surgery.

Leading clinics also give Hair transplant surgeon in Mumbai advanced version of FUE, which is automatic and is done by a machine developed by a French company in collaboration with leading hair transplation surgeons. The machine is called punch hair Matic. This machine gives electrically controlled compressed air flow. During the hair transplantation person can just relax, can watch TV or Smartphone without a problem.


Hair Loss and Baldness: Types of Treatment

Different medications are popular for treatment of excessive hair loss in both men and women of different age group. Hair loss caused by hereditary causes can be managed and treated through The Food and drug administration (FDA) approved drugs such as Rogaine that is sold under the brand name of “Minoxidil” and Propecia that is sold under the brand name of finasteride.

It was reported that only 5% to 15% who use the topical Minoxidil, has experienced desired hair growth through rubbing the topical solutions directly at the surface where they desire hair growth.  Many reputed and well-known dermatologists reported that the use of topical Minoxidil can effectively slow done through excessive hair loss.

One of the first oral pills for the purpose of treatment and management of hair loss is Propecia. It should only be used under the strict supervision of qualified and experience dermatologists for obtaining maximum hair restoration. If the individual discontinued the use of Propecia, the desired effects of hair restoration are not maintained.

Hair replacement procedures such as micro-grafting can be used for the purpose of permanent restoration of hair in the most efficient manner. Other popular method of hair replacement consists of slit grafting, which is done through effective scalp reduction. In accordance to the type of hair loss and desire hair restoration requirements, the Hair Transplant Surgeon in Mumbai can suggest different types of hair transplantation procedures.

Men suffering from male-pattern baldness can avail hair transplantation procedures conducted by a team of hair transplant surgeons and doctors, who hold expertise in treating a huge number of individuals suffering from hair loss problems. Female pattern hair loss of women can also be effectively treated permanently through different types of hair transplantation procedures. In addition to this, hair transplant procedures can be used by individuals who have lost some portions of hair due to injuries or burns.

Even the Best Hair Transplant Doctor in India doesn’t recommend hair transplant procedures to women suffering from hair loss and have diffuse pattern. In addition to this, hair transplant is not recommended to individuals who don’t have significant donor sites. People with keloid scar are recommended not to have hair transplant procedures.

Some of the common type of side effects associated with hair transplant procedures is excessive swelling. In addition to this, the hair transplant procedures can also cause bruising around the eyes in some individuals. Some patients have complained of a lack of sensation around the donor areas. Whereas, some patients has also reported that they has experienced a lack of sensation around the recipient sites.

If conducted under the supervision of unqualified hair transplant surgeons, the individuals that have under gone hair transplant complains about excessive itching at the donor sites.  In a zest to avoid or minimum side effects or disadvantages of hair transplants, it should be done at well-known and reputed hair transplantation clinics and by a team of experience hair transplantation experts.



Hair Thinning, Hair Loss or Baldness: their Causes, Preventions and Treatments

can be directly associated in low self esteemed and depression in some individuals. Causes, prevention and management of hair thinning, hair loss and baldness, are effectively discussed in this blog.

Causes of Hair Loss, Thinning and Baldness

Physical stress is considered to be one of the main reasons for hair loss or thinning and even in some cases baldness. It is reported that excessive amount of vitamin A can effectively trigger the excessive hair thinning or loss in both female and men.  In addition to this, the lack of protein can be associated with excessive hair loss or thinning in many individuals. As per the recent studies, it was reported that 2 out of 3 men above the age of 70 years, faces the problem associated with male pattern baldness.

Minoxidil and finasteride are used for the purpose of treating male pattern baldness. The hair thinning or baldness can be heredity in most of cases. Weight gain and chest pain are some of the common side effects associated with use of minoxidil. Hence, the use of oral or other hair restoration drugs should be taken under the supervision of hair experts. Although, it do not have scientific proof but some researchers believes that the emotion can be related to excessive or premature hair loss in both male and female. Female hormones and pregnancy are often associated with hair loss in female above age of 35 years. Anemia is also considered to one of the major causes of hair loss in female above the age of 20. Underactive thyroid gland is also associated with excessive hair loss in female.

Is it possible to prevent hair loss?

There are scientific methods for the purpose of preventing of hair loss, thinning or baldness. As stress is directly related to increase of sex hormones in the body, hence some research relates to premature and excessive hair loss in male. Avoiding healthy lifestyle can be effective in reducing the stress level of individuals. Walking, quitting smoking, listening music and avoiding alcohol are often associated with reduced stress level.

How can excessive hair loss can be managed or treated?

Hair weaving, oral medications, hair gain oil & creams, and hair transplants, are some of the popular methods associated with managing excessive hair loss in male. Some individuals make use of innovative hair styles or wigs for the purpose of effectively managing the hair loss or baldness in the male. Individuals can contact reliable hair transplant clinics for Low Cost Hair Transplantation in Mumbai, which is known for its quick recovery, no scars and optimum hair restorations.  Based on their experience and knowledge, the Hair Transplant Surgeon in Mumbai ensures that the hair grafts survive that avoids the wastage of time and money of the clients.


Effective Treatment of Hair Loss through Re-Growth Treatment and Hair Transplantation

Immature hair loss not only affects your appearance but also can cause depression among both male and female. For the purpose of effective treatment of hair loss, dermatologists often recommend different types of hair re-growth treatment and hair transplantation. One of the most popular hair re-growth treatments consists of treatment through minoxidil.  Used for the purpose of effective treatment of male pattern baldness, the minoxidil is known for its com positional accuracy and enhanced shelf life.

The minoxidil is not effective for baldness caused due to different types of illness such as iron deficiency. In addition to this, the minoxidil is also not effective for treatment of baldness caused by medication or chemotherapy. Apart from treatment male pattern baldness through its solution based treatment, Minoxidil is also available for treatment of female pattern baldness through its foam formulation. Physical stress is considered to be one of the major reasons for hair loss in both male and female. Irrespective of area of baldness, it is recommended not to use more than 2 ml of minoxidil per day. Too much vitamin A and pregnancy can be other reasons for hair loss in women of different age group. The hair loss caused by the pregnancy and vitamin A is reversible process and don’t requires medication for their treatment. The dermatologists consider factors like body weight and medical conditions, while recommending any dose of medication.

It is recommended by the professionals not to make use of hair re-growth treatment in cases when the patients are allergic to minoxidil. Beside this, if the patients are allergic to any ingredients of minoxidil, it is recommended not to use the re-growth solution or foam formulations. It is often recommended not to use minoxidil or any other re-growth treatment in cases of the patients suffering from baldness due to illness. In addition to this, the re-growth treatment cannot be used for the purpose of treatment of baldness caused by thyroid disorders, or medications. The re-growth treatment is ineffective in treatment of hair loss or baldness since birth. With a skin condition on the scalp, it is recommended not to make use of minoxidil. Besides this, the hair loss experts recommend not to use re-growth materials like minoxidil when the patients are using any other medications for skin related problems. It is not recommended for patients who head are shaven and has sun burns.

Some cases, the dermatologists recommend hair transplantation for permanent treatment of hair loss. The patients can contact the best Hair Transplant Surgeon in Mumbai for safe, pain-free and effective hair transplantation. Prompt recovery, no scars and effective hair treatment, make the hair transplantation in different hair treatment clinics, extremely demanded among different professionals. The Low Cost Hair Transplantation in Mumbai not only helps the individuals to get their hair back but can be effective in bringing their confidence back.

How To Deal With The Depression or Side Effects Caused Due To Hair Loss?

Not only does the hair loss effects the appearance of individuals but can effectively lower their self esteem. Depression, anxiety and mood swings are some of the side effects that could results due to excessive hair loss or baldness. One of the main reasons for such kind of side effect worth hair loss is that in society we live, the hair is associated with youth and beauty.

Physical or mental stress is one of the factors that can effectively trigger the rate of thinning of hair or even baldness in some cases.  Apart from getting effective treatment through hair transplantation, the individuals can cope up with the hair loss by reminding themselves that hair loss or baldness are not life threatening. People can make use of hair extension or even wigs for the purpose of effectively hiding baldness. Since, everyday new technology is developed for the purpose of growing new hairs on your head. So, you should believe that the growth of healthy hair is possible.

Other factors like excessive vitamin A, can be responsible for hair loss. Such type of hair loss is usually temporary in nature and the hair grows back once the level of vitamin A in the body reduces to normal level. It is reported as per recent survey that several hair loss are resulted due to lack of certain protein. On recommendation of dermatologist, the individuals can take protein-rich diet that will results in growth of hair in the most organized manner. It is reported that certain women losses hair due to low iron content in their body. Precise and systematic examination, can effectively detect the iron efficiency as sole reason behind the hair loss. The doctors can prescribe iron rich medications, to ensure that the hair loss is further prevented.

Underactive thyroid gland can also cause mild to excessive hair loss problems in both men and women. Synthetic thyroid medication is used for the purpose of effective treatment of hair loss caused by hypothyroidism. In cases, it was reported that the hair loss was caused by Vitamin B deficiency. For effective treatment, simple supplement of vitamin B is used by dermatologist. Lupus and autoimmune diseases can also cause hair loss in both male and female. Steroid injections can be used for the purpose of treatment of hair loss caused by autoimmune diseases. Dramatic weight loss and chemotherapy can also cause hair loss problems. It is recommended to adopt healthy lifestyle to prevent hair loss problems and depression.

Apart from this, the individuals suffering from hair loss or baldness can effectively undergo Low Cost Hair Transplantation in Mumbai under the supervision of best hair surgeons in the different hair treatment clinics. Apart from Mumbai, the individuals can contact the Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai and Bangalore, for getting hair transplantation.

Pre-Mature Hair Loss or baldness: Causes and Treatments

Premature hair loss and baldness can effective cause low self-esteem in both men and women alike. One of the most common reasons for hair loss is stress such as physical and emotional stress. The physical stress can be caused by illness, accidents, and flu. In addition to this, emotional stress can be caused due to loss of loved one, loss of job, failed business and after divorce.

Hair loss can be triggered due to hormonal change caused during pregnancy. Pregnancy related hair loss is more common after the delivery of the baby. It was reported that overdosing of vitamin A supplements can also cause significant hair loss.

This type of hair loss is reversible and the hair loss stops once you stop taking vitamin supplements. If the body does not get enough protein, it can also cause hair loss in many individuals as the body will shut down hair growth to effectively meet the protein demand.

For ensuring proper hair growth, the individuals are recommended to take high protein diet with the rich protein sources such as eggs, meat, and fish. Premature hair loss can be induced due to heredity. This means that if someone in the family is suffering from hair loss problem, then there are greater chances that you may suffer from hair loss at some point of time.

It is reported that 1/10 women from different age group may suffer from iron deficiency. Iron deficiency may cause hair loss problems in different women, which can be prevented by taking sufficient amount and prescribed the amount of iron daily. In some cases, hypothyroidism can also cause premature hair loss problems in the male.

It was treated by Synthetic thyroid medication. Low level of vitamin B can cause significant hair loss in many individuals in different developing countries. Simple vitamin B supplement can be used to effectively treat premature loss problems associated with vitamin deficiency. Hair loss can be triggered during chemotherapy session.

As the reasons for hair loss can be different in different individuals, it is recommended to consult physicians if you are suffering significant & pre-mature hair loss. Based on your condition, the physicians may recommend effective treatment. Apart from medication, hair transplantation is considered to be one of the most effective methods of permanent hair loss treatment in Mumbai, Delhi and Gwalior.

For effectiveness and permanent treatment of baldness and hair loss, individuals undergo Low Cost Hair Transplantation in Mumbai at celebrated and well-known hair transplantation clinics.

Delhi is another city where people suffering from hair loss problems can effective can treated at different hair loss clinics. By rendering low cost and effective hair transplantation, some of the Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Delhi has attained a remarkable success.

Causes & Treatment of Hair Loss or Baldness

Loss of hair or baldness can be caused by different environmental, physical or psychological causes. Physical or emotional stress is considered to be one of the prime causes of hair loss in the male.  The hormonal changes during pregnancy can effectively trigger hair thinning and loss in females.  Some studies and survey conducted by scientists suggested that too much of vitamin A can also cause excess or premature loss in both men and women.

Medicines or supplements containing vitamin A can effective cause hair loss. This process is reversible and the hair grows back when the individuals stops taking the high dose of vitamin A. it was reported recently by American Academy of Dermatology that lack of certain essential proteins can trigger the premature loss of hair in male and female. To avoid lack of protein, one must take sufficient amount of protein, which can be obtained through fish, meat, and eggs.

Male pattern baldness can be heredity and inherited from their ancestors. Androgenic, which is also known as female pattern baldness, can be inherited from their ancestors. Apart from this, an increase in certain types of female hormones can also cause hair loss problems.

Hair loss can be triggered by the low iron content in women, which is known as Anemia. One can consult a doctor and take prescribed amount of iron supplements to prevent hair loss due to low iron content in the body. The underactive thyroid gland can also be one of the major causes of hair loss in men and women in major cities of India such as Delhi and Mumbai.

A Certain type of medication such as minoxidil (Rogaine) and oral medicines such as finasteride can be effective in preventing hair loss problems. As per FDA set norms, minoxidil 2% is recommended for women and minoxidil 5% is recommended to men in the USA. In addition to this, a higher concentration of minoxidil 10% is available in developing countries such as India for effective hair loss treatment.

In some cases, the hair treatment drugs can be effective in growing new years. Since these medications are prescription drugs and should be consumed or applied only on prescription provided by the doctor or dermatologist.

Apart from using the prescription drugs for hair loss, one can go for hair transplantation procedures. By using minor surgical procedures, the individual hair follicles from the donor sites can be transplanted on the receipt sites.

Metro cities such as Delhi and Mumbai are appreciated for their low-cost hair transplantation procedures. Owing to pain-free hair transplantation with high success rate, the reliable and celebrated hair transplantation clinics has attained a estimable location in hair transplantation industry.

To attain utmost patron approval, some of the well-known hair transplantation clinics have hired the best Hair Transplant Surgeon in Mumbai . By rendering Low Cost Hair Transplantation in Mumbai, these hair transplantation clinics have won the trust of their clients efficiently.