Hair transplantation techniques in India

Hair transplantation basically involves the implanting of hair on the balding part of the head from hair part of the head.  The techniques have evolved to be without any complications and give excellent results without any sort of side effects or pain to the person. The transplanted hairs then get the root and grow like normal hair. Some hair transplantation techniques are discussed here.

In follicular unite extraction method 1-4 hairs are taken out from the scalp from hair part of the head of the person. This method has become very advanced and hair can be taken from other part of the body of the person. The hair from legs, arms, back, beard and abdomen can also be taken under this method.

To take the hair, a small circular incision is made in the skin to pull the follicular hairs with an instrument .Then tiny holes are created in the balding part of the head. The follicular unit is transplanted in these holes. This process is repeated to cover the area for hair transplantation. This method takes 3-5 hours, since the hair unites are extracted individually.  The tiny holes that are left in the skin are very small and get cured automatically without leaving any visible scar.

In the strip method, the streak of the skin with hair from head is cut. Then the hairs are separated and transplanted to the balding area of the head of the person. The area from where the skin was cut is stitched.  The area takes couple of weeks to heal. The scar is visible only when the person is totally bald. In this method the thousand of hairs can be transplanted in one sitting and is comparatively cheaper than other methods.

In another method, which is advanced version of the follicular unite method, hair loss specialist in Mumbai  the hair follicles are obtained from the back of the head, or from any other part of the body . Then they are planted on the balding part of the head. Like the follicular unite extraction, the hairs are obtained individually with the help of automatic machinery and equipments. Then the hair follicles are implanted without storing them first unlike other methods.  There is less damage of hairs because the storage time is nil. The time taken by this method is less and results are excellent because of absence of any storage time. Due to storage time, the damage to hair follicles can be op to 25 %. Also this method leaves no visible scar.

The precise, pain less and effective transplantation also depends Low Cost Hair Transplantation in Mumbai on the experience and expertise of the doctor and facilities available at the transplantation center. The person, who wants hair transplantation should consult the best treatment center with advanced facilities and get the service of experienced doctors.


Reasons leading to hair loss in men and women and its treatment

The hair loss problem is considered a common problem in men than in women. This is due to the large cases of male baldness, but women can also loss hair due to several reasons. The loss of hair in a woman can be both temporary and permanent. The hair loss after pregnancy is temporary and hairs come back after few months of delivery. Then overdose of vitamin A in medicine or supplements can cause the hair loss in both man and woman. This is also temporary and once the overdose is stopped the hair loss stops and hair often come back. Lack of protein in the diet can be another reason of hair loss.

The hair loss occurs in few months after the decrease of protein.  Like male baldness pattern, females also experienced a female baldness pattern called androgenic alopecia. This is hair loss is heredity and ladies with past history of hair loss in their families are more prone to the hair loss than other ladies without any history of hair loss in families. Ladies on birth control pills can experience hair loss due to change in hormone. The same thing happens during menopause with change in hormonal balance. Physical stress may increase the hair loss than emotional stress but emotional stress can accelerate the hair loss, the loss that is already happening.

Anemia, the lack of iron can be other causes of hair loss. This can happen in both males and females but the studies have found that after pregnancy, ladies are prone to this type of hair loss due to iron deficiency. Chemotherapy, done to cure cancer, also causes hair loss in both male and females. Again, this loss can be temporary, as after the therapy the hair can come back, but the texture and color may be different.

Use of certain medicines to cure depression, blood pressure or blood thinner drugs encourages the hair loss. The drugs like methotrexate used to cure rheumatic and some skin conditions, lithium, used for bipolar disorder and ibuprofen can also causes hair loss.


There are some over the counter drugs and medicine, which stop the hair loss but these medicines need to be taken for long time before some results can be seen .The best method is hair transplantation, which involves the use of hair from dense part of the head and planting them in bald area of the head .Best hair transplant clinic in Delhi

 The surgery method is performed on both man and woman. The use of latest techniques and facilities has made this transplantation method very easy to restore the original look. The hair transplantation method can give more dense and natural look compare to other methods.  Hair loss specialist in Mumbai. Many hair transplantation clinics use FUE technique, with unique machines and instruments based on ARTAS framework.

Disadvantages of substandard Hair Transplantation

Baldness or excessive hair fall can be treated or managed respectively through different hair transplantation technologies available in the market. Most of the hair transplantation procedures are known for the producing great results in bringing back the natural hair.  Minor or major complications or side effects are often associated with different types of hair transplantation procedures.

It is often reported that the hair transplantation is costly affair due to systematic handling of medical instruments. Extent of hair loss, the method of hair transplantation, graft counts, often determines the total pricing of any hair transplantation surgical procedures in most of the metropolitan cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai and Bangalore.


The hair restoration through different hair transplantation procedures can be temporary if not taken care properly. Some of the hair transplantation surgical procedures can be extremely costly and time taking where the whole hair transplantation procedures can take more the few sessions. Hair fall can also be associated with different type of hair restoring procedures.

Scars and stitches are common side effects associated few of hair transplantation surgical procedures.  One of the most popular negative feedback is that sometimes major infections are associated after the hair transplantation surgical procedures.

In case of any infection or untoward development on the scalp after hair transplantation surgical procedures, it is advisable to contact physical doctors immediately. In different cases of thick packaging of graft under inexperienced hair transplantation experts, the procedures can cause scarring and injuries.

Due to exposure to medication or substandard hair transplantation procedures, the hair grafts may not survive. This results in minimum hair restoration after the hair transplantation and causing waste of both time and money.

The hair transplantation surgical procedures are considered be extremely safe until conducted and supervised by the best hair transplant surgeons from the Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai or any metropolitan cities of India.  In some case, the hair transplantation surgical procedures are associated swelling, due to retention of excessive fluid that might be accumulated in the hair follicles during the hair transplantation surgical procedures. Although the swelling after can be treated through medicines available in the market. In case the problem assists after repeated medication, it is recommended to individuals to contact their hair transplantation clinics as soon as possible.

Proper sleeping pattern can reduces the chances of hair loss and enhances the chances of maximum hair transplantation after the hair transplantation surgical procedures. Proper pillow support is recommended by hair transplantation experts, in order to drain the excess fluid that is effectively accumulated in the hair follicles during the hair transplantation procedures.

In order to ensure maximum hair restoration and minimum hair loss, the well-known Hair Loss Specialist in Mumbai or any other cities, precisely recommends fixed sleeping patterns. It is often recommended to follow the prescribed sleeping position for ten to fourteen days after the hair transplantation surgical procedures.

How To Deal With The Depression or Side Effects Caused Due To Hair Loss?

Not only does the hair loss effects the appearance of individuals but can effectively lower their self esteem. Depression, anxiety and mood swings are some of the side effects that could results due to excessive hair loss or baldness. One of the main reasons for such kind of side effect worth hair loss is that in society we live, the hair is associated with youth and beauty.

Physical or mental stress is one of the factors that can effectively trigger the rate of thinning of hair or even baldness in some cases.  Apart from getting effective treatment through hair transplantation, the individuals can cope up with the hair loss by reminding themselves that hair loss or baldness are not life threatening. People can make use of hair extension or even wigs for the purpose of effectively hiding baldness. Since, everyday new technology is developed for the purpose of growing new hairs on your head. So, you should believe that the growth of healthy hair is possible.

Other factors like excessive vitamin A, can be responsible for hair loss. Such type of hair loss is usually temporary in nature and the hair grows back once the level of vitamin A in the body reduces to normal level. It is reported as per recent survey that several hair loss are resulted due to lack of certain protein. On recommendation of dermatologist, the individuals can take protein-rich diet that will results in growth of hair in the most organized manner. It is reported that certain women losses hair due to low iron content in their body. Precise and systematic examination, can effectively detect the iron efficiency as sole reason behind the hair loss. The doctors can prescribe iron rich medications, to ensure that the hair loss is further prevented.

Underactive thyroid gland can also cause mild to excessive hair loss problems in both men and women. Synthetic thyroid medication is used for the purpose of effective treatment of hair loss caused by hypothyroidism. In cases, it was reported that the hair loss was caused by Vitamin B deficiency. For effective treatment, simple supplement of vitamin B is used by dermatologist. Lupus and autoimmune diseases can also cause hair loss in both male and female. Steroid injections can be used for the purpose of treatment of hair loss caused by autoimmune diseases. Dramatic weight loss and chemotherapy can also cause hair loss problems. It is recommended to adopt healthy lifestyle to prevent hair loss problems and depression.

Apart from this, the individuals suffering from hair loss or baldness can effectively undergo Low Cost Hair Transplantation in Mumbai under the supervision of best hair surgeons in the different hair treatment clinics. Apart from Mumbai, the individuals can contact the Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai and Bangalore, for getting hair transplantation.

Pre-Mature Hair Loss or baldness: Causes and Treatments

Premature hair loss and baldness can effective cause low self-esteem in both men and women alike. One of the most common reasons for hair loss is stress such as physical and emotional stress. The physical stress can be caused by illness, accidents, and flu. In addition to this, emotional stress can be caused due to loss of loved one, loss of job, failed business and after divorce.

Hair loss can be triggered due to hormonal change caused during pregnancy. Pregnancy related hair loss is more common after the delivery of the baby. It was reported that overdosing of vitamin A supplements can also cause significant hair loss.

This type of hair loss is reversible and the hair loss stops once you stop taking vitamin supplements. If the body does not get enough protein, it can also cause hair loss in many individuals as the body will shut down hair growth to effectively meet the protein demand.

For ensuring proper hair growth, the individuals are recommended to take high protein diet with the rich protein sources such as eggs, meat, and fish. Premature hair loss can be induced due to heredity. This means that if someone in the family is suffering from hair loss problem, then there are greater chances that you may suffer from hair loss at some point of time.

It is reported that 1/10 women from different age group may suffer from iron deficiency. Iron deficiency may cause hair loss problems in different women, which can be prevented by taking sufficient amount and prescribed the amount of iron daily. In some cases, hypothyroidism can also cause premature hair loss problems in the male.

It was treated by Synthetic thyroid medication. Low level of vitamin B can cause significant hair loss in many individuals in different developing countries. Simple vitamin B supplement can be used to effectively treat premature loss problems associated with vitamin deficiency. Hair loss can be triggered during chemotherapy session.

As the reasons for hair loss can be different in different individuals, it is recommended to consult physicians if you are suffering significant & pre-mature hair loss. Based on your condition, the physicians may recommend effective treatment. Apart from medication, hair transplantation is considered to be one of the most effective methods of permanent hair loss treatment in Mumbai, Delhi and Gwalior.

For effectiveness and permanent treatment of baldness and hair loss, individuals undergo Low Cost Hair Transplantation in Mumbai at celebrated and well-known hair transplantation clinics.

Delhi is another city where people suffering from hair loss problems can effective can treated at different hair loss clinics. By rendering low cost and effective hair transplantation, some of the Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Delhi has attained a remarkable success.

Cosmazone, Provides Best in Class Hair Transplantation in Delhi and Mumbai

A trained and experienced surgeons and doctors could effectively treat various hair related problems. Cosmazone provides highly effective hair related treatment to its patients in Delhi, Mumbai and Gwalior.

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A physician from the cosmetic and laser therapy clinic quoted, “At Cosmazone, we render best quality hair treatment surgery under the supervision of Dr Kuldeep Saxena and Dr. Deepali Saxena. Dr Deepali Saxena has vast experience in treatment of various hair transplantation surgeries. Being reputed Hair Loss Specialist in Mumbai, Dr Kuldeep Saxena holds expertise of treating more than 30000 patients for hair related problems through hair transplantation surgery”.

Due to its ultra-modern infrastructure and experienced surgeons, Cosmazone has established and maintained as one of the Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Delhi in such short period of time.

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Hair Treatment and Transplantation in Mumbai

Hair loss can be caused due to physical stress, excess vitamin A, lack of different essential proteins, aging, heredity, emotional stress, anemia, hypothyroidism, vitamin B deficiency, lupus, pollution, smoking, chemotherapy, polycystic ovary syndrome, antidepressants, blood thinners, impulse control disorder and Anabolic steroids.

The hair loss can be controlled by exercise and following the healthy lifestyle. Creams, oils and medications are available and promises to treat hair loss or even some cases of baldness. The claims of these cosmetic and pharmaceutical products for providing effective treatment to hair loss problems are false. For the purpose of ensuring permanent and pain-free hair restoration procedures, one should consult professional hair transplantation clinics in Mumbai.

Backed and supported by years of experience of treating thousands of patients suffering from hair loss problems, some of the well-known and famous hair transplantation clinics have been able to attain a commendable position in this domain. The process of removal of hair follicles surgically and implant them to the area of baldness is called as hair transplantation. By rendering the best in class hair transplantation services, some of the renowned and well-known hair care institutes have been able to attain a commendable position in this domain in such short period of time.

To attain maximum customer approval, the hair transplant clinics follow total quality management by performing different types of hair transplant procedures. By hiring top most doctors and support staff, the hair transplant clinics have been able to orderly execute different types of hair transplant services.

Two popular types of removal methods of hair follicles are Strip Harvesting extraction and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). Some of the advantages of using follicular unit extraction are no linear scar is formed by using FUE. Other advantages of FUI are decreased healing time. If operated under the supervision of experienced professionals, the hair restoration is permanent and usually free from pain. Based on the needs and requirements of the patients, the hair specialist can suggest different types of removal of hair follicles from the donor site and implant at the receipt sites by using different types of surgical procedures.

The hair transplantation services are executed within the assured time frame in the most systematic manner.  Moreover, the hair treatment clinics ensure that the quality of the hair treatment and transplant services is never compromised and it is maintained as per the international quality norms and regulations.

For the purpose of attaining maximum patient approval, the hair care institute follows quality conscious approach. The Low Cost Hair Transplantation in Mumbai is popular among the customers owing to its high effectiveness, fast recovery time and high success rate. To ensure permanent and effective restoration of hair, the hair treatment clinics have appointed a panel of Hair Loss Specialist in Mumbai . Besides this, the hair loss specialists are provided by the hair treatment clinics provide with a regular training sessions.